Leader Rashed AlMubarak: on his journey to achieve sustainability in architectural design

Leader Rashed AlMubarak: on his journey to achieve sustainability in architectural design

Written by: SEEDS Academy Team

We sat down with SEEDS Academy Leader Rashed AlMubarak, an architect and pioneer of innovation and transformation in the field of sustainable design. Rashed has played a key role in revolutionising the local architectural landscape with environmentally conscious practises as the founder and CEO of Projx, an award-winning design-and-build company based in Kuwait, with LEED-certified architects.

After graduating in architecture from the University of Oregon, AlMubarak gained experience both in Kuwait and the US across the public and private sectors, earning considerable knowledge and inspiring his decision to establish a company whose mission is "to create architecture in our region that's more sensitive to our climate, culture, and identity while prioritizing sustainability." His entry into green architecture is evidence of his unwavering dedication to producing buildings that blend in with their surroundings and benefit the environment.

Projx was founded in 2018 as a result of Al-Mubarak’s entrepreneurial drive and commitment to sustainable design. The driving force behind Projx was to bridge the market gap by making high-quality designs available to the general public, as Rashed explains: “The prevailing options in the market were either very expensive designs or very poor, cheap designs. Not just in terms of cost, but quality as well. We aimed to make quality design available and affordable for the general public, ultimately spreading the impact of good architecture locally." AlMubarak recognised that the current dilemma of unreasonably expensive or substandard designs left a major portion of the market unserved. As a result, Projx was formed with the goal of providing designs that were not only affordable but also provided quality.

As Projx grew, sustainable architecture had to be defined clearly and communicated to the market. Educating clients and communities about sustainable architecture was one of the first issues AlMubarak confronted. Many people linked it only with greenery and vegetation, overlooking the essential principle of performance-driven design. Projx effectively transformed this view via unrelenting efforts, increasing in demand for greener and more sustainable solutions. AlMubarak explained that “Gradually, there was a significant shift (in how green architecture was viewed), especially after the epidemic. People started seeking greener designs and sustainability."

While Projx's contribution stretches throughout the GCC, AlMubarak has focused mostly on Kuwait for spreading awareness. The firm has worked on several residential projects, all of which have been inspired by sustainable design concepts. Ravinne Villa, their most recent success, illustrates their commitment to sustainable design, gaining awards and setting new benchmarks. This project exemplifies the seamless integration of sustainable practises in architecture, interior design, and construction, further cementing Projx's position as a thought leader in the sector.

We also asked Rashed about his advice for a sustainable future, especially for those interested in sustainable architecture. Education, according to AlMubarak, is the foundation for sustainable prosperity. He emphasises architects' critical function and pushes them to go beyond drawing to become true influencers in building design. It is also critical to educate the general people. Projx has been pioneering in this area, spreading knowledge about sustainable architecture through many means, most notably through their recent project with greening the Adailiya roundabout and transforming it into a public garden for the area.

On how Projx is leading the way in sustainable design, AlMubarak explained that this is through its approach, which is unconventional in that it incorporates the participation of different experts, ensuring that sustainable design is integrated into all aspects of a project. Architects collaborate with structural and MEP engineers to create designs that are both aesthetically beautiful and functional. This collaborative approach has considerably decreased design errors and improved overall project quality.

For the SEEDS Academy Community, AlMubarak extends an invitation to participate and explore the wealth of knowledge and courses offered. He emphasises the ability of these platforms to educate and inspire people from all walks of life, ultimately establishing a community committed to promoting sustainability.

We asked Rashed how he envisions a future where companies like Projx and SEEDS Academy have reached our collective sustainable visions- AlMubarak anticipates a future in which there is widespread education, practice, and support for sustainable architecture. He sees a spike in sustainable developments, increased building performance, and improved indoor environments with continuing efforts. Furthermore, he envisions urban environments changing to become greener, safer, and more sustainable.

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